See the Sight of the Dubai Aquarium

Dubai, known for its costly architecture and luxurious lifestyle, is home to one of the world’s most impressive aquariums: Some of these tourist attractions include but not minimal to the following; Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo or commonly known as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in particular. This water wonder must be set in Dubai Mall, this way the visitor is able to have a first touch feel of the beauty of the water world. With a large tank housing a variety of fish and seafood species and right to the animated games that are provided in the area of the aquarium, anybody should pay attention to the Dubai Aquarium.

A Marvel of Modern Architecture

The Aquarium is a characteristic example of Dubai’s desire to make a leap into the 21 century and achieve the highest standards of modern architecture. One wonder of the facility is a 10-million liter tank which remains one of the largest suspended aquariums over the globe. This immense tank is capable of holding thousands of water creatures, and more than 140 different species. Especially the sharks, rays and other species of fishes move with elegance in the waters which are so clear. The construction of the tank works in an equivalent to a 270 degrees view of the underwater environment.

A Journey Through the Underwater Zoo

In addition to the main tank the visitors of Dubai Aquarium can enjoy the Underwater Zoo which is several floors large. This portion of the amusement is intended to inform and, at the same time, amuse the guests through such features as games and trivia. The Underwater Zoo is divided into three ecological zones: Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean. Every zone depicts the biosphere characteristics of the various territories that are inhabited by different species. Starting from entertaining and cute otters to normally endearing piranha, Underwater Zoo is interesting because it gives people an idea about different types of sea animals.

Unique Aquatic Experiences

There are many interesting features that attract visitors to the Dubai Aquarium, but the choice of experiences it provides is surely one of the major ones. Those who dare to look for emotions should try the Shark Dive. This exciting activity enables the certified divers to come face to face with some of the sea creatures that many people dread. The adventurous ones without a diving license can take a risk of the Cage Snorkeling Experience that is as entertaining as the main tank. A rather more laid back experience is availed by the Glass Bottom Boat Ride, an experience that sees the visitor sail on the surface of the tank while observing the aquatic life far below.

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Educational and Conservation Efforts

The Dubai Aquarium is not only an entertainment center for fun lovers but has a great responsibility of educating the public on marine life and its conservation. The center provides several learning activities that are informational and mainly focused on the topic of marine life and the preservation of it. These are touring, workshop, and specific programs that can be taken by anyone of any age including children and adults. Moreover, through co-operations with the local and internationally based foundations, it actively participates in marine protection, investigation, and help in rescue and rehabilitation of the species on the verge of extinction.

A Must-Visit Destination in Dubai

From a marines lover, to family outing, to tourists in search of fun activities to undertake, the Dubai Aquarium should be on your to do list. It exhibits some of the most stunning marine aerobatics and in addition offers operational shows and hands on experience, and in a city of grandiosity and creativity Aqwa makes a perfect image. It is an amazing experience to be able to view how the different sea creatures look but at the same time realize that it is our responsibility to protect the oceans for the future generation.

Thus, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is an exceptional entertainment center with the educational and conservation aspects incorporated. Having an architectural design of eye appeal, housing various species of marine animals and characterized by interactive sessions, it is on every tourist’s list of must visit places in Dubai. They say, there will be a tunnel moving round which a message will be passed for the appreciation of the beauty and sophistications of the aquatic world.

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