Visit the Dubai Miracles Garden; A New Wonder of the World


Dubai Miracle Garden is a beautiful attraction in Dubai where people can see flowers in the middle of the desert contrary to the usual desert scene. This incredible garden is in Dubailand featuring numerous and diverse gardens that literally turned the desert into a blooming ground. This unique park is a true wonder that has been granted the title of one of the most beautiful gardens in the world with more than 150 million flowers built in beautiful patterns and designs that are awe-inspiring to take a look at especially for nature lovers, photographers, and families with children.

Dubai Miracle Garden, its Creation and Design

Miracle Garden Dubai was officially developed and opened to the public in February of the year 2013, especially on Valentine’s Day that year. Over the 72,000 sqm area of the garden, it grew into one of the world’s biggest natural flower gardens. The garden’s layout is simply marvelous and it includes all sorts of floral sculptures and seasonal themes. A heart-shaped arch to life-sized houses painted fully with flowers; animals and fairytale characters in structures that reach to the skies are a clear testimony.

The aesthetic designs of the garden and their variations according to seasons are well-organized so that the viewers are always surprised. Every year the garden changes its decoration, creates a new show and has thematic offers that would not leave one indifferent. This is perhaps the fidelity to change and transformation that continues to attract people to the place year after year.

Seasonal Attractions and Highlights

This made me fascinated by how this garden, which is Dubai Miracle Garden, survives in the desert-like place. It is open between mid November and mid May and thus it uses the cooler months to exhibit the lovely flowers in the garden. At this age, the garden comprises several activities of interest to the visitors within this period.

The garden boasts of some of the following highlights; Emirates A380 Technical Showcase; A full replica of the aircraft which is coated with over 500, 000 fresh cut flowers and live plants each year. The Biotropolis is a spectacular place and the world’s largest floral installation is maintained here which is recognized by the Guinness World Record. Some of the other places include the floral clock where visitors get to touch the flowers, butterfly house where the visitors are allowed to touch the butterflies and the aromatic garden named Touch Therapy garden.

Visitor Experience and Tips

Visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden is the feast for the eyes and the nose because everything is colorful and smells nice. So it’s recommended that one should visit this place during the morning or towards the evening for the best of the view and great shots. Blissful visit is expected by putting on a comfortable pair of shoes for walking, applying or carrying a sunscreen lotion and wearing a hat.

The garden has adequate facilities such as the shades, selling of foods and drinks, and a well built toilet. If one wishes to be able to capture the essence of the garden and beauty, then photography services can be arranged at the garden. Furthermore, conducted tours offer a way of enhancing information about architectural aesthetics and the management of the garden.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Miracle Garden Dubai is one of those sites that can be truly called a miracle not only because of the terrific sight of the paradisiacal garden but also due to the fact that it uses eco-friendly practices for gardening. This plant employs the drip irrigation system to reduce the use of water but ensures that plants get the required water to grow. This system is especially useful in an environment whereby water is scarce as is the case with areas in the desert.

Besides, the garden also uses organic methods of fertilizer and pest control in order to nurture the plants and make them stunning without damaging the environment. Thus, Dubai Miracle Garden is an example of how implementing the principles of sustainable tourism can create huge floral ornaments of impressive size and maintain them.


Today, Dubai Miracle Garden is a true sight to behold, which underlines the creativity of its founders as well as the possibilities of turning the desert into a blooming garden. Because of the frequent changes, socially responsible practices and celebration of art by people all over the world, it is an interesting place to visit. Whether a nature lover, a photo lover or the one who just wants to take a break and spend some beautiful time, Dubai Miracle Garden will present a journey through stunning colors and amazing designs. Do come and here [plan your visit today and be ready to be a part of this floral wonder.

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