Ferrari World Tickets: Your Ultimate Guide to a Thrilling Experience


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a perfect place to go for all those who love fast cars and sick rides. Being Ferrari’s first theme park in the world, this wonderful place provides the visitors with an amazing number of incredible and thrilling rides as well as unique and information-oriented exhibits dealing with the history of the famous car brand. Understanding the various passes, their costs, and what to do to have the most of your Ferrari World is great planning for your visit. In this guide, all these areas will be elaborated in detail to help you have the best holiday ever.

Ferrari World Ticket Classifications

Ferrari World has several ticket types for visitors to choose from to meet the variety of visitor’s needs and expectations. The most common ticket types include:The most common ticket types include:

General Admission: Unlike other theme parks, this ticket allows you to traverse all the available rides in the Ferrari World. Most of these are apt for first time tourists since you get to cover all the areas in the park.

Express Pass: If you do not wish to spend hours waiting in queues the Express Pass is your ultimate solution. It gives you an advantage at preferred attractions for most of the time you will be enjoying the ride and not queuing.

Premium Admission: To get the best from Ferrari World, one should consider getting the Premium Admission ticket which entitles them for the VIP lounge, complimentary small meals and a park guided tour.

Multi-Park Tickets: Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros. World are other places to visit within Yas Island; therefore, let the purchase of a multi-park ticket. These combo tickets are very cheap and these give a chance to visit many parks with less money.

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Ferrari World Ticket Prices

Ferrari World ticket prices differ depending on the type of a ticket, visitor’s age, and whether the one buys a ticket online or at the point of entry on the visitation day. As of 2024, here are the approximate prices:As of 2024, here are the approximate prices:

General Admission: Till this level, costs of Coca Cola are AED 310 per an adult serving and AED 230 per minor serving.

Express Pass: It is required to add AED 150 on top of the General Admission price

Premium Admission: This amounts to AED 750 per person.

Multi-Park Tickets: These two parks can be accessed starting from AED 395 for two parks.

It is important to note that these prices are not fixed and there are always offers to be found that lessens the costs and ways to save money enjoy the Ferrari World; the best source is of course the official Ferrari World Website.

Ferrari world is best experienced if done with some preparation and an idea of the things that are likely to be done at the place, the following are some of the tips for purchasing the Ferrari world tickets.

To get the best value and ensure a hassle-free visit, consider the following tips when purchasing your Ferrari World tickets:To get the best value and ensure a hassle-free visit, consider the following tips when purchasing your Ferrari World tickets:

Buy Online: Buying tickets online and also getting them advanced are some signs of the current world that is more economical and saves time. Online tickets have other specials, promotions, and codes that do not apply to tickets purchased at the ticket entrance.

Check for Promotions: Ferrari World does sometimes run specials or have some sort of sale or bargain during the low brand appeal months. Be sure to check out their website and their Facebook or Twitter page for the most current offers.

Group Discounts: When you are in a large party ask whether there are any group rates for the services you are asking about. These can be quite advantageous for the bigger groups and may save a plentiful amount of money.

Visit on Weekdays: For this reason, it is advisable to arrange a visit on a working day as opposed to the weekends when there usually is a huge traffic. Weekends as well as all the holidays are generally more active.

Arrive Early: This implies that one can be able to get the best of the parks when they get there early enough since many activities are normally booked in advance.

Having More out of Your Visit

Once you protect your Ferrari World tickets for yourself and your family, it will be necessary to plan your trip to get the most out of it. First here are some of the features that you should not miss-; Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest ride and the Fiorano GT Challenge is a fun filled dueling roller coaster. Ferrari Gallery is a must visit that provides information about the company and its background and the Karting Academy, that offers an opportunity to race a Ferrari.

Dining should be done at the park’s numerous eating places in-between the rides. When it comes to food and drinks, Ferrari World has many outlets ranging from fast foods/snacks to luxurious five-star restaurants. And of course do not walk away without visiting the souvenir shops that will be stocking limited edition Ferrari souvenirs.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be a must visit destination for people of all ages, is the promise that is worth considering. This article sheds light on the various types of Ferrari World tickets available, their cost and how to get the best when planning to visit Ferrari World. When it comes to Ferrari World, enthusiasts would not be disappointed because there are thrills packed and waiting for them but apart from that there is something for everyone. Therefore get ready to be enthralled and exhilarated with this famous theme park attraction.

If well organized and well thought, Ferrari World will no doubt become one of the remarkable travel moments. Enjoy the ride!

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