Green Planet Dubai: A Tropical Paradise in the Heart of the City


Amidst a skyline of ultra modern buildings in one of the greatest global cities, Dubai, there is a living green bio-dome that houses flora and fauna – Green Planet Dubai! This specific biodome offers an opportunity to take a trip to the mysterious world of a tropical rainforest and, at the same time, learn a lot. If your hobby is nature observation or you have kids and think of what it would be interesting to visit on the weekend or if you are a person who participates in the conservation movement, then a visit to Green Planet Dubai will leave no one indifferent and will transfer you to the tropics.

The Biodome: An Architectural Marvel

oriented architectural design project of Green Planet Dubai , concept of technology traced with nature at the facade of the building. The biodome, which appears to be a giant cube, contains over 3000 plants and animals which are helped with conditions similar to that of the tropical rainforest. Once you enter the building you get the impression of something extraordinary as in front of you there is an indoor tree, and it is the biggest tree in the world. The outstanding centerpiece of this piece is as much a sight to behold as accomplishing a necessary responsibility necessary in the function of the habitat.

Exploring the Layers of the Rainforest

Thus, the biodome is divided into four tiers that mimic the stratum of a rainforest. Moving from the forest floor, guests can see different kinds of reptilians and insects that inhabit the lower layer of the forest area. You feel the ground subsiding as you move up the midstory Floor; there is an explosion of avian and mammalian species here, all of which are perfectly suited to the thick canopy ove. The canopy layer hosts photogenic colorful parrots and other easily identifiable bird species while the view is a bird’s eye view of this diverse green environment. Last but not least, the emergent layer of the biodome, which is the top layer of the biodome, gives an interesting insight into the interdependence of life on the tropical rainforest.

Educational Programs and Interactive Exhibits

Besides being an aesthetic entity it is also an educational institute where people can come to learn about the importance of green space. The facility further conducts its educational programs in line with the section’s age demographics, which makes the place ideal for school trips and other family Outings. A number of stationary displays as well as computerized animated programs teach the delicate structure of rainforests, the significance of preserving such an environment, and the relationship human beings have with the particular ecosystems. Thus, children and other people can get closer to nature through close interaction with the animals such as feeding sessions and other activities.

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Conservation Efforts and Sustainability

Another one is to provide ideas and opportunities about the ways the people and companies can conserve the green spaces. The biodome acts more or less as a school whereby students are taught the dire importance of preserving the world’s rain forests. In some ways, through different activities and collaborations, it contributes to wildlife preservation and raising people’s awareness about the environment. This is to encourage people to embrace sustainable use of the resources and be in a position to conserve the natural resource base in order to make it possible for the next generation to appreciate nature.

Plan Your Visit

Green Planet Dubai situated in one of the prime lifestyle destinations, City Walk, Dubai. The biodome operates all year round and thus, getting to relieve one from the hot afternoon in the city while at the same time has a wonderful and educational experience as well. Tickets can be bought online or at the gate and there is a variety in the number of tickets depending on the popular choice. In this case, residents of Dubai and tourists must ensure that they pay a visit to Green Planet Dubai to ensure that they warrant a new feeling and learn something new.


Currently, Green Planet Dubai is one of the significant landmarks of environmental awareness and admiration in a city characterized by luxury and advancements. In its core, Dubai now presents a chance to freely examine one of the Earth’s most relevant habitats: a tropical rainforest. Visually engaging exhibits and highly informative programs, Green Planet Dubai stands for conservation of endangered species and should be regarded not only as a sightseeing place, but as a kind of museum that can open people’s eyes to the miracles of the living nature and the need to protect it.

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