Hot Air Balloon Rides: In this paper, the author takes the readers on a flight above clouds.

Choosing Hot Air Balloon For A Ride

A ride in a hot air balloon is thus one of a kind and will create a castle in the sky impression. While in a hot air balloon ride passengers are able to enjoy a rather quiet and beautiful ride soaring in the sky with the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Whether it is the gentle curves of the countryside, the colors of the approaching autumn or the mountains waking up with the first rays of the sun, a hot air balloon offers one the closest view of nature.

It’s History and Development

The history of outdoor ballooning is considered to have started in the eighteenth century. Balloon was invented by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier; the Montgolfier hot air balloon was the first successful one which was developed in the year 1783. The invention was followed by the dreams of flying which people still have to date. Since the invention of the hot air balloon that dates back from the 18th century, the experts have found ways to improve the hot air balloon through modification that boosted up safety, comfort and the amenities that the travelers could receive. Modern hot air balloons have been equipped with state of art materials and instruments, so that today going for a hot air balloon ride is more exciting and secure.

Expectations When Going for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is usually taken in the morning because the air is still and the winds are gentle and not very strong. Balloons seem to vaporize as people assemble at the launch site to watch the balloon being inflated, more or less as exciting as the actual soaring. Once it is inflated, passengers enter the basket and with the help of a burner the hot air makes the balloon rise. Generally, the flight can take several hours and the period strictly depends on the weather conditions as well as the chosen route. Along with that, people can enjoy the wonderful view, take pictures, and have some time of isolation, calmness, and peace, while being above the world at that.

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The Best Areas for Hot Air Balloon Rides

There are many beautiful spots in the world where people often come for the takeoff of hot air balloons. Some of the most popular destinations include:Some of the most popular destinations include:

Cappadocia, Turkey: One of the most striking and peculiar regions of Turkey that is renowned for its shapes like fairy chimneys and rock formations; It is suggested to visit Cappadocia from the sky.

Napa Valley, California: Being a region famous for vineyards and hills, it will be quite romantic to be in Napa Valley taking a balloon ride.

Serengeti, Tanzania: Balloon safari lets passengers view the Great Migration and other wildlife in the largest plain of Africa called the Serengeti.

Bagan, Myanmar: Due to thousands of ancient temples and pagodas, fewer in numbers but larger than well-known Bagan, tourists experience a bird view of this historical site through hot air balloons.

Hot air ballooning activity involves flying large balloons that are filled with hot air; safety and preparation tips are as follows;

Although hot air ballooning is safe in most cases some actions have to be followed to ensure that the terminals are run smoothly and successfully. Here are some tips for preparing for a hot air balloon ride:Here are some tips for preparing for a hot air balloon ride:

Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable and light clothing and US durable shoes. Layers are recommended, although it might be cool in the morning but could get warmer by the time the flight is in progress.

Listen to Instructions: Listed below are recommendations for preparing for a flight: Listen to the pilot’s briefing before the take off and adhere to instructions given during the trip.

Stay Calm: However, it is suggestible to still enjoy the process of moving up and down although it could be a little thrilling.

Bring a Camera: Do not leave the camera at the ground as there are magnificent sceneries and worthy moments to shoot on a hot air balloon ride.


The Enjoyment of Hot Air Balloon Rides Balloon rides are so thrilling, quiet and rich in stunning views. No matter whether one is looking to have a great time during a birthday, want to have different views of familiar places, or just plan to have a quiet weekend, nothing can be better than opting for a hot air balloon ride. Freely hovering over the ground, all around you is space, and you can see for as far as your eyes allow you to is something that is purely amazing. Therefore, just go for it and let yourselves be enchanted by flying with hot air balloons.

Everything related to hot air balloon rides is festive, adventurous and historical; therefore, if you want to have a fresh view of the world, then this is the best thing to do. Whether you are a frequent flier, first time flier or even never a flier at all, you are certain to have memories to cherish courtesy of the hot air ballooning.

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