Your Ultimate Guide to Motiongate Dubai: Hollywood in the Middle East: The Overture

Introduction to Motiongate Dubai

It is an Abu Dhabi based integrated resort and the largest Hollywood inspired theme park in the Middle East known as Motiongate Dubai is in Dubai Parks and Resorts. This astonishing place brings together the passion for the cinema with some of the best animals, movies, and fun rides and shows making it perfect for family and movie lovers. In its five different themed areas, Motiongate comprises more than 27 fun rides and attractions. Anyway, you have crazy fans of DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, or Lionsgate, or you can just have a great time meeting all these fantastic characters in this amazing theme park.

Themed Zones and Attractions

DreamWorks Zone

Animated movies’ lovers will find a perfect place called the DreamWorks Zone. This area is zoned according to well-loved DreamWorks Animation films such as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon, however it has numerous facilities and rides. You can watch such attractions as the Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey – it is the dark ride that tells the story of the meeting of Shrek and Fiona and the Madagascar Mad Pursuit – it is the roller coaster that unites you with the chase with the Madagascar group.

Columbia Pictures Zone

Visit Columbia Pictures and experience park rides and exciting things inspired by movie hits. Experience the Ghostbusters: King Kong – I Want to Believe, an indoor/outdoor roller coaster that drops riders into the middle of Skull Island to battle the giant ape. For adrenaline junkies, the Green Hornet: A high speed car ride through a dangerous and congested junkyard is what customers will get to experience once they book High-Speed Chase.

Lionsgate Zone

The Lionsgate Zone is truly a fan’s dream for anything related to The Hunger Games or any other Lionsgate movie. Capitol Bullet Train is a roller coaster ride through Panem with half real and half simulated stunts and the Panem Aerial Tour is a four D hovercraft tour. Did You Know, there is a stage show called Step Up Dubai, All In that you shouldn’t miss. Such an event is based on the movie Step Up which is filled with spectacular dance sequences and beautiful choreography.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Motiongate Dubai is in its development to ensure that it targets everyone that includes the families and children. The Smurfs Village Zone is designed as an area for children’s meetings with the favorite characters and soft attractions such as Smurf Village Express and the Smurfberry Factory. Besides, there are many concerts, parades, tours with characters, one can meet and greet, and extraordinary activities making the park a beautiful place for families.

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Dining and Shopping Options

It should be noted that after a day full of curiosity one can eat in one of the dining places that are located throughout the park. It ranges from fast foods to restaurant foods; that is, you can get anything you would love to eat. A further area called Studio Central, imitating a movie set, is a home for a variety of eating places including cafes. To eat Asian food, one can visit the Dragon Flame Grill restaurant located in the DreamWorks Zone or try an Italian restaurant Hollywood Trattoria for Italian food.

Consumers are also likely to take home good finds as there are numerous places selling magical items. This attracts people of all ages since it has numerous shops that sell a number of items, including movie-related items, clothing, and toys. It is also important to shop at the Motiongate Studio Store where you will get the park souvenirs and mementos.

Guide to Motiongate Dubai

To make the most of your visit to Motiongate Dubai, here are a few tip:

Arrive Early: Ideally, get to the park when it is still early when fewer people would have arrived. This makes it easy for you to enjoy popular rides, but with lesser queues as is common when using a fast pass.

Plan Your Day: So much to see and to do is always better if you had a prior conception of what you’re going to do and when. …thus plan your visits to those places that cannot be or it is ‘un-‘safe’ to skip and those shows ‘cannot-be-missed.’

Stay Hydrated: On the same regard regarding the weather, it is very hot in Dubai therefore it is recommended that one take a lot of water while in the region.

Use Fast Passes: Extra charges can also be made to the tickets which gives the client priority access to such goodies without waiting in the long lines.

Check Showtimes: Make it a point to look at the show timings and attend the live shows and parades and you get to meet the characters.

Motiongate Dubai is packed with explosive fun with themes derived from Hollywood which makes the place magical. Whether it is craziness or sophistication in the form of watching a movie, this place will not disappoint as it is a theme park that offers fun, excitement and memorable moments.

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