Wild Wadi: Standing proudly to be the premier waterpark of Dubai

Dubai, a city of excess, progressive thinking and modern marvels has its fair share of miracles in the form of tourist attractions and fun and excitement in the form of Wild Wadi Water park. Nestled behind the towering shape of the building of Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most popular amusement’s attractions. Welcome to one of the premier water parks with thrilling rides for the adventurous type, family fun attractions and great services that comes with it, all packaged under one umbrella awaits your presence to get soaked.if you are looking forward to devise a fun filled day in the sun this water park should be your number one choice.

They opened up a World of Thrilling Rides.

Wild Wadi furthermore has an impressive number of as many as forty rides, which are popular among people of different ages. There are also fascinating attractions that include the Jumeirah Sceirah which is a tandem slide that works by taking riders down a 120 meter slope at the top speed of eighty kilometers per hour. This spinning ride is rather aggressive, but for those who love speed it is an indisputable attraction. Instead of seeking the adrenaline rush from heights in the air or on rails, the Master Blasters offer an advanced technology of water ups with the help of high pressure water pumps that propel the riders uphill and back on gravity to create a water coaster theme.

Family-Friendly Fun

Wild Wadi is probably one of the most thrilling water parks in Dubai, however, it has some events that will interest parents and children. One of the attractions, Juha’s Journey, contains a lazy river that can be used to gently swim around the park, ideal for all ages. There is also Breaker’s Bay which is one of the largest wave pools in the Middle East with safe and quite friendly waves for children as well as families, good for swimming and playing. Also, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon are aimed at children and represent an amusement area where one can play.

Exceptional Amenities

Wild Wadi is so much more than just great rides and features by providing all the amenities one would need for a fun day. Some of the food services include takeaway foods, snacks, fast foods and restaurant foods that can suit the needs of different clients. Many shelters and gazebos give protection to the sun while the clean dressing rooms lockers accommodate the needs and safety. In addition, Wild Wadi has qualified lifeguards who are posted everywhere in the park besides efficiency in safety measures adhering to international safety precautions.

Accessibility and Convenience

However, special attention should be paid to the fact that the park is easily accessible to visitors and leaves no one indifferent. There are plans of opening a water park in the Jumeirah area, which can be reached by bus or by car as there are many parking spaces around that region. The park also offers special easy access accommodation for the physically challenged individuals so that the clients can also participate.

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A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Park

As it is in line with the completion launched by the Dubai’s administration of creating a city that has minimal impact on the environment, different measures are taken to make the Wild Wadi Waterpark an environmentally friendly place. Concerning conservation, energy efficient pumps as well as filters are used, in addition to water saving measures to handle water usage. Recycling and sustaining the use of biodegradable products especially within the dining areas also echoes its green conservation efforts. Such measures also have a dual function of protecting the environment and improving the experience of visitors to enjoy a clean park.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Destination

Wild Wadi waterpark is for everyone, thrilling Splash Rides that will give the rider an adrenaline rush to Leisure Rides that are great for the family, the park is well maintained and aesthetically appealing. It features many exciting theme park rides, numerous facilities for the family, luxurious accommodation and it is environment friendly thus it is a unique place in Dubai. Whether you are an adventure freak searching for the next action packed spot or a group of families on a lookout for an entertaining day out, you can never go wrong with Wild Wadi, as it will have you coming back for more.

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