Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés: Merging Acoustics and Artistry

In the realm of architectural innovation, Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés, or Printed Acoustic Wall Panels, redefine the boundaries between functionality and artistic expression. This article explores the unique features and benefits of these panels, emphasizing their role in enhancing both acoustic performance and visual aesthetics in various environments.

The Fusion of Sound and Art

Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés, as the name suggests, are acoustic panels that seamlessly blend sound absorption with unlimited design potential. These panels, represented by the Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print series, serve as canvases for digital images, turning functional sound solutions into artistic masterpieces or functional billboards. Whether used individually for accents or combined for a more profound impact, these panels offer a versatile means of transforming spaces.

Alpha Printing: Sustainable Innovation

The Alpha series, available in 12mm and 24mm, is crafted from PET fiber derived from recycled bottles, emphasizing sustainability. These printed polyester panels not only contribute to reducing environmental impact but also offer an array of design possibilities. Compressed, spun, punched, and baked, the panels achieve an optimal density balancing acoustic performance and rigidity.

Features of Alpha Panels:

  • Sustainable: Made from 65% post-consumer recycled fiber, 100% recyclable.
  • Flame-retardant, oil-free PET fibers.
  • Available in 20 colors and 12/24 mm thickness.
  • Factory processed in the UK and Europe.

Echo Print: Melamine Foam Elegance

The Echo Print series, with 50mm printed foam acoustic panels, introduces melamine foam covered with fabric. These panels provide an elegant aesthetic and acoustic solution. Versatility is key, as they can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or suspended as baffles or clouds. The combination of melamine foam and fabric covering adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Key Attributes of Echo Panels:

  • Elegant melamine foam covered with fabric.
  • Versatile installation options.
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling, or suspended applications.

Enhancing Spaces: Acoustic and Aesthetic Masterpieces

The versatility of Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés extends beyond visual appeal. These printed acoustic panels serve a dual purpose by significantly improving acoustic performance. Most panels in this series are Class A sound absorbers, effectively reducing reverberation and echo. The result is an elevated level of comfort and well-being for occupants, be it guests, staff, or oneself.

Alpha Print: Artistic Solutions for Brand Enhancement

Alpha Print, a high-performance solution within the Alpha series, elevates printed acoustic panels to a realm of artistic possibilities. Serving as both acoustic solutions and artwork, Alpha Print contributes to brand awareness, creativity, and user well-being across diverse settings. The in-house flatbed printer allows for the direct printing of any image onto the panels, offering unparalleled customization.

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Alpha Print Features:

  • Direct printing of images onto panels.
  • Improves brand awareness and creativity.
  • Suitable for single or multiple panel applications.
  • Image requirements ensure quality and compliance.

Design Flexibility and Practicality

Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés provide not only a wide range of design options but also practical features that enhance usability. The panels are easy to install, versatile in their application, and require low maintenance. Sizes are available in 12mm and 24mm thickness, catering to different acoustic needs and design preferences.

Practical Benefits:

  • Suitable for areas with high reverberation times.
  • Easy installation directly where needed.
  • Can be applied to walls or ceilings.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Made from recycled materials (65% recycled polyester) and 100% recyclable.
  • Durable, providing years of excellent performance.


In conclusion, Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés, the Printed Acoustic Wall Panels, redefine the synergy between acoustics and aesthetics. The Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print series offer a harmonious blend of sustainable innovation, artistic expression, and acoustic excellence. From enhancing brand awareness to creating comfortable and visually appealing environments, these panels stand as versatile solutions for architects, designers, and anyone seeking to elevate the sensory experience of a space. Experience the transformation as Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés turns every wall into an acoustic canvas, where sound and art coalesce in perfect harmony.

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