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Visorando-route planner is a mobile app that allows users to discover curated routes and transform their smartphone into a GPS-enabled walking guide. It works offline and requires no data plan to use.

To make sure that walks on Visorando are high-quality, each route undergoes a checking process by volunteers. This is done after the walk has been submitted and published publicly.

Real-time guidance

The app safely guides you on your walk with detailed and verified directions. This is done by tracking your real-time position on the map and showing you your live track on your screen. If you are off track the app warns you and gives you the option to retrace your steps. It also records your track to let you analyse it, share it or redo it later.

With a library of more than 26,000 meticulously curated routes (and growing) from mountain hikes to country strolls and coastal walks to urban explorations Visorando has something for everyone. Each route sheet provides essential details such as maps, GPX files, step-by-step descriptions and photos.

You can find routes all over the United Kingdom, matching your own needs for free – whether it’s for a family walk, a strenuous hike or a ramble on your doorstep, for your next holidays or anywhere else in the world! The routes are downloaded in advance using the mobile phone’s GPS signal, so you can access them even when offline.

Offline guidance

With more than 26,000 meticulously curated routes available worldwide (more than 3,500 in English), Visorando offers an unrivaled selection of walks. Each route card provides essential information such as an OpenStreetMap map, a GPX file, step-by-step description, length, maximum and minimum altitudes, elevation range, an altimetric chart, points of interest, level, weather forecast, photos, and reviews (depending on users’ contribution).

Visorando allows you to discover new paths that are otherwise difficult to find. Simply select your desired location and activity, and the app will provide a list of curated routes that match your criteria. You can then select the one you want to follow, and the GPS app will guide you even when offline. Each walk submitted is verified by a contributor before being published, so you can be sure to receive accurate and high quality instructions. The search feature also enables you to browse walks by category, for example 10 great winter walks in your area.

Share your track

With Visorando, it’s easy to discover curated routes and turn your smartphone into a recreational GPS, even offline. Millions of walkers around the world use this invaluable mobile app to explore paths and discover new adventures, with detailed and verified directions – all free of charge!

Each route is meticulously reviewed by a community of contributors and moderated before it’s published. This ensures that every step of your adventure is safe, accessible and rewarding.

If you’d like to share your own route, follow this guide to submit it to Visorando. It’s free to join the community and use all of its features, but a subscription is required for add-ons like live position sharing or licensed topographic maps.

MEmu is the perfect choice to play Visorando – Route ideas on PC. Enjoy a fast install and setup, intuitive controls and no more limits to battery or mobile data thanks to this advanced emulator. It will release the full potential of your computer and give you a more enjoyable experience.

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Visorando is a participative platform and community where everyone is welcome to share their own walk. To guarantee the quality of the routes that are published, every submission undergoes a process composed of several steps, including a thorough check performed by a team of volunteer moderators and back-and-forth exchanges with the author.

With the help of our contributors – individuals and walking leaders alike – Visorando has grown to boast a huge library of moderated walks covering all activities, from Sunday strolls to strenuous mountain hikes. Our selection covers both France and the United Kingdom, and we are constantly expanding it.

Once you find a walk you like, you can save it to your smartphone’s favourites by selecting Actions, Add to Favourite. This way you can easily access it even when you’re offline, without the need for mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can also record your own track if you wish. This can be useful if you want to compare, analyse or redo your walk at a later date.

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